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Clean and contemporary, unique and timeless, Yair Shimansky's designs are inspired by the special moments in people's lives.

Shimansky is respected world-wide for superb quality, cutting edge design and superior workmanship, yet behind the brand lies an impeccable legend of design and constant pursuit of perfection. Yair Shimansky has developed a culture of passion, dedication and integrity amongst his team of highly skilled designers, cutters and polishers. From the selection of the finest diamonds and tanzanite to the finishing of the jewellery piece in platinum or gold, the design and creation process is completed with meticulous attention to detail and to the highest quality. Yet our reputation extends beyond the design and manufacture of unique pieces.

We understand that the experience of buying fine jewellery should be as uniquely personal as the milestone it celebrates. For this reason, we pride themselves on offering an unforgettable jewellery buying experience, the Shimansky Experience. With unrivalled individual service and attention to detail we trust you will treasure the memory of the moment
of buying as much as you treasure the jewellery piece itself.


It was the magic and mystique surrounding diamonds that drew Yair Shimansky to the jewellery trade. The fact that a rough stone formed billions of years ago could be crafted into something so beautiful sparked an interest that developed
into a consuming passion.

After embarking on a career in the jewellery industry in Japan as a young man, Yair started his own business selling jewellery at a Durban flea market. His next step was a barrow in The Pavilion Shopping Centre in Westville, and opened his first store in 1994. Yair built the operation mainly through referrals, and eventually was able to realise his dream of crafting diamond jewellery.

Then, on a buying trip to the United States, he came across Platinum. It was a relatively unknown metal on the South African market - at the time yellow gold was still very much in vogue - but he foresaw a match made in heaven and the rest is history.

In just over a decade, Yair Shimansky, through passion, skill and expert marketing has expanded his business to include
an in-house workshop for jewellery design and manufacture, as well as a diamond cutting factory, Cape Town's only dedicated diamond museum and several stores located throughout South Africa.

Today Shimansky is one of South Africa's most recognised jewellery brands. A result of hard work, dedication and passion. Nothing less than Shimansky.


The Shimansky Flagship Showroom is located in Cape Town's famous V&A Waterfront, in the Clock Tower. The Waterfront is in the heart of the city's working harbour, and is the most visited destination for visitors who come to South Africa. Set against the backdrop of the magestic Table Mountain and looking out to Robben Island, the Waterfront is a always alive with activity. Visitors can go out on harbour cruises, sunset cruises, fishing trips and whale and seal watching expeditions. The Nelson Mandela Gateway at the Clock Tower is the point of departure for the Robben Island ferry. With no shortage of things to do at Cape Town's Waterfront, a visit here would
not be complete without treating yourself to the Shimansky Diamond Experience.

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